Safety and durability is my number one consideration for my dogs whilst working in agility hence why I would choose no other provider than Doggy Jumps to supply my agility equipment. The contact surface provides excellent traction for my dogs to purchase and enables them to have The confidence to deliver a fast and accurate performance without abrasing their feet or nails in the process. My Equipment looks professional and is highly durable to stay out in all weathers. The jumps stand up in higher winds and are easily carried/moved or stored. The differing heights enables me to work more easily with dogs at each stage of their life cycle. Doggy Jumps take pride in the manufacturing of equipment which results in the craft of each piece being excellently made.

Natasha Wise
FCI Triple World Champion

DoggyJumps contact equipment is no the highest quality… I run 250 dogs over mine a week at my training venue and the standard of the rubber surface never changes depending on weather total quality.

Anthony Clarke
Handler and trainer

I love mynew DoggyJumps® contact equipment! They look great with your jumps too. Thank you, they are fab, and the dogs are loving them.

Karen Marriott
Handler and trainer