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    What is Active Balance Canine Equipment?

    Today’s canine sports demand much from our dogs. Increased speed, flexibility and strength, are just some of the key words used when referring to high achieving dogs.

    However attaining peak physical performance through conventional training may no longer be enough.

    Dogs depend on their proprioceptive sense to provide an immediate response to incoming information. Training the proprioceptive system can improve muscular reaction times in response to changing body positions. The physical control of movement is enhanced along with retention of motor skills and improved changes to muscle tissue. Muscles with a quicker reaction time function with greater power, leading to improved performance. However when proprioception is deficient the risk of uncontrolled movement can lead to lack of coordination, balance and significantly add to the risk of injury.

    Optimum posture, body alignment, movement patterns and balance are also crucial to achieve enhanced athletic performance. Engaging the neuromuscular system with isometric and dynamic core stability exercises provides efficient transfer of power as well as the ability to adjust and adapt the levels of control needed to perform high level skills.

    Pain, Injury or underlying physical conditions can cause imbalances which limit the choices available to dogs to organise their body to move efficiently. For some this may manifest as a behavioural imbalance, which over time becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

    Dogs who often display a constant need for movement and physical contact who may also be labeled as clumsy with low spatial and body awareness are also often lacking in proprioception.

    Active Balance Canine Equipment is designed to fulfill the needs of all canines in areas of

    • Conditioning
    • Reducing the risk of injury
    • Injury and neurological rehabilitation
    • Maintenance Performance enhancement.
    • Postural realignment
    • Tellington TTouch ground work
    • Agility foundation training


    Specific exercises and techniques allow dogs to engage in safe low impact activities.

    • Improve and develops muscle tone
    • Builds core stability
    • Increases joint range of motion
    • Increases mobility and flexibility
    • Balance and coordination are enhanced
    • Improves posture
    • Expands body awareness and sensory integration
    • Improves and enhances proprioception.
    • Increases self control and self confidence


    Active Balance equipment can also be used as part of Tellington TTouch ground work or Propriocetive tracks. Posture can dictate behaviour and certain postures and movements accompany a particular state of mind. Changing an animal’s posture can help to change behaviours. The slow purposeful movements used in ground work exercises help dogs to engage and settle, changing postural reflexive behaviours for more considered actions. Flexibility of both the body and mind are enhanced enabling balance and proprioception to improve.

    Active Balance Canine Equipment can be utilised with puppies, where closure of the epiphyseal growth plates occurs anywhere between nine and eighteen months, depending on breed. Engaging in non concussive controlled activities promotes muscle development without causing trauma to juvenile joints and bones. Temporary impairment of proprioception may occur through growth phases particularly adolescence. This multi use equipment can also be used for agility foundation training whilst enhancing proprioception.

    Active Balance Canine Equipment can also be used for ageing canines, the large surface areas of the Rocker Board and Ultimate Wobble Board give a safe platform for older dogs with added handler control, can help to give older animals a new lease on life.

    Active Balance Canine Equipment can be used in all varieties of canine disciplines, from training a new puppy to engaging the aging dog in safe new fun things to do. In the canine rehabilitation world and performance enhancement Active Balance Canine Equipment offers exciting opportunities to engage dogs in a variety of exercises to enhance existing programmes or build new, diverse and non habitual ways of moving. Neural pathways and muscles can be relearned and reeducated as well as unlocking new and unused pathways, to improve movement and change habitual responses to more considered actions. Having the benefit of enhancing all aspects of canine movement, function and behaviour.

    Active Balance Canine Equipment is designed by Maria Johnston, Veterinary Physiotherapist and Tellington TTouch Practitioner and manufactured to a high quality specification by DoggyJumps and built to be used indoors or outdoors.

Six lightweight poles and cones with the adaptability to build multiple positions and heights to add a variety of options to Canine Active Balance Equipment.

Can be used for:

  • Maintenance
  • Conditioning
  • Weight shifting
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Advanced Performance enhancement
  • Rehabilitation
  • Touch ground work
  • Agility foundation training and ongoing confidence work
  • Advanced Proprioceptive training

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